Thursday, October 18, 2007

Moderator Note - Roadmap

At least one person has noted that this debate seems a bit disorganized.

Here's the overall layout:

Affirmative Opening Argument
Negative Opening Argument
Negative 1st Question / Affirmative 1st Answer
Affirmative 1st Question / Negative 1st Answer
Negative 2nd Question / Affirmative 2nd Answer
Affirmative 2nd Question / Negative 2nd Answer
Negative 3rd Question / Affirmative 3rd Answer
Affirmative 3rd Question / Negative 3rd Answer
Negative 4th Question / Affirmative 4th Answer
Affirmative 4th Question / Negative 4th Answer
Negative 5th Question / Affirmative 5th Answer
Affirmative 5th Question / Negative 5th Answer
Negative 6th Question / Affirmative 6th Answer
Affirmative 6th Question / Negative 6th Answer
Negative 7th Question / Affirmative 7th Answer
Affirmative 7th Question / Negative 7th Answer
Negative 8th Question / Affirmative 8th Answer
Affirmative 8th Question / Negative 8th Answer
Negative 9th Question / Affirmative 9th Answer
Affirmative 9th Question / Negative 9th Answer
Negative 10th Question / Affirmative 10th Answer
Affirmative 10th Question / Negative 10th Answer
Several Audience Questions / First Answer by the Target of the Question and Second Answer by the Other Side
(21 audience comments so far, but many are unuseable)
Negative Concluding Argument
Affirmative Concluding Argument

You should be able to see from which "speeches" have links where exactly we are, and where we are headed.

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