Friday, October 26, 2007

From Wittenberg to Antioch

Protestants like to characterize tradition as an amorphous and constantly evolving set of innovations, that are a source of instability in doctrine.

But is that actually what it is like? Or is that just a presupposition based on an unbelieving heart?

Listen to the Sunday, September 16, 2007 episode of The Illumined Heart Podcast from here:
PlayFrom Wittenberg to Antioch

Then tell me why it is that the sola scriptura churches are constantly evolving and changing, and tell me why this Presbyterian/ Lutheran couldn't find peace and stability until he became Orthodox. This seems to be a common theme for protestants becoming Orthodox. They've seen their own congregations "blow up", doctrinally a number of times and run out of options in protestant land, coming to see that sola scriptura doesn't work.

For all the theological back and forth in this debate, isn't it a fact that when it comes to actual real life, and in the field experience, tradition gives stability and sola scriptura, supposedly based on the unchanging word of God, leads to constant disputes and innovation?

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