Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No Strength in Numbers

You claim that at the time of the "Great Schism" your denomination was bigger than Roman Catholics. Now Roman Catholicism is (according to typical estimates) three times larger and "Protestants" as a group are also larger (though only by 100 Million or so). Furthermore, "Orthodoxy" itself has not had any ecumenical councils in over 1200 years.

At what point will you admit that your "consensus of the people of God" is just "consensus of the people of God who agree with me": when the ratio of Non-Orthodox to Orthodox is 10/1, 100/1, 1000/1 or what? (Recall you claimed "consensus of the people of God" as the primary way that you divined that the unanimous voice of 300 bishops in the middle of the 8th century were wrong about their identification of the apostolic faith, while the voice of about the same number of bishops in the next generation saying the opposite thing were right.)


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