Friday, February 1, 2008

Audience Questions for PhatCatholic

1. Dan asks:

Please correct me if I am wrong but it seems that none of the quotations you have provided would be considered, by Catholic standards, an infallible affirmation of the resolution. Nor do they seem to quote an infallible authority as a “principle that informs the practice” in support of the resolution. If that’s correct, please explain the relative weight the quotations have on this debate?

2. Ken asks:

How do Christians know when demonic activity is the cause of a problem?

3. Gene asks:

Much of your evidence about holy water’s efficacy relates to the use of holy water in exorcisms, but Roman Catholic exorcists seem insistent that many other aspects of the ritual are vitally important: particularly prayers and precise wordings must be used, Latin is strongly preferred, and one has to have a validly ordained priest. In fact, typically they only permit others to perform “deprecatory” exorcisms, in which one prays to God or his saints/angels for help. In view of this, is it fair to say that it takes a lot more than holy water to stop demons?


phatcatholic said...

What's the timeframe here? Do we have a week per question or a week to have all three answered? I think it's reasonable to have all three answered by the end of a week. That would mean that we would post our answers to all three questions by Feb 9th. Is that ok with you?

Turretinfan said...

Timeframe is fine by me!