Sunday, January 18, 2009

Atonement Debate to Begin Shortly

A new debate is about to start. The following are the details.

Resolved: God imputed the guilt of the sins of the elect to Christ.
Affirmed: Turretin Fan
Denied: Nicholas E.

Debate Start: Jan 4.
1. Aff. Constructive and Neg. Constructive - Due Jan 18.
2. Aff. Rebuttal - Due Feb 1.
3. Neg. Rebuttal - Due Feb 15.
4. Aff. Cross-Ex. Questions to the Neg. - Due Mar 1.
5. Neg. Cross-Ex. Answers and Neg. Cross-Ex. Questions to the Affirmative - Due Mar 15.
6. Aff. Cross-Ex. Answers to the Neg. - Due Mar 29.
7. Negative Conclusion - Due April 12.
8. Affirmative Conclusion - Due April 26.
Debate End: April 26.

All Essays are 5k words maximum, while each of the 5 Questions are 1k words maximum. The word limits include any citations and quotes.

(1) Each person will post their own essays on their own blog. The opponent can then go and cut & paste the opposing response.

(2) Comment boxes for our Essays will be closed.

(3) Citing church documents, theologians, and other such references is allowed, though the opponent is not necessarily bound to defend any claims other than his own.

(4) Formatting essay text (ie size, bold, underline, italics, etc) is allowed.



Seraphim said...

Any audience question time?

Turretinfan said...

I hope Nick will consider it. It is not currently on the agenda.