Saturday, November 3, 2007

Audience Questions - List Three for Both or Neither Debater

General questions addressed to no one in particular or to both debaters equally (in the moderator’s judgment)

1. Dead Men Hold No Debates

I Cor. 11:19--For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.

A fitting Reformation Day (almost) posting.


2. Is Basil the Great Your Father?
(from Lucian)
Yes, he is.

3. Is Athenasius your Father?
(from Lucian)
Dear friend, neither Athenasius, nor Athnasius are our fathers.

ATHANASIUS, however, is.

4. No Strength in Numbers
(from Lucian)
Catholics are 1.2 Billion.

Protestants are 600 Million.

Orthodox are 250 Million.

Monophysites are 60 Million.

5. Moderator Note: Audience Comments
(from Anonymous)
this is a very disorganized debate

6. Moderator Note: Audience Comments
(from EgoMakarios)
Basically, tradition lead to spiritual dyslexia, whereby the person reading the Scriptures is unable to see the text as it actually is. The Catholic reading in Matthew 1:25 that Joseph didn't know Mary "till she brought forth her firstborn son" reads in place of that "ever." The Protestant reading Colossians 2:12 that you are buried with Christ in baptism "in which you are also raised with Him" sees instead "in which is a mere symbol or prior spiritual resurrection." The paedobaptist reading the next portion of that same verse, that it is "by faith in the operation of God" reads instead "without faith in the operation of God." Their traditions blind them to what Scripture really says. Tradition causes spiritual dyslexia whereby they do not any longer see the words that appear in Scripture but rather see the words that would appear if their tradition were not a lie from Satan.

7. Moderator Note: Audience Comments
(from Rhology)
Audience questions - good call.

8. Moderator Note: Audience Questions Closing
(from Manuel Culwell)

should we revise our bibles so as to add the heretical creeds of men with the same unscriptual acceptance of unfounded traditions that should be accpted because a majority claims it is truth or should we stick to scripture alone? By the way,would we be wrong in doing so?

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